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Hearing Aid Assessment & Recommendations

Cincinnati Better Hearing Center

We are committed to providing the highest quality care to help our patients reach their greatest hearing potential.

Our three offices are conveniently located and are fully equipped to provide a variety of hearing related services including comprehensive hearing evaluations and hearing aid fittings.

Each of our offices are staffed with full time master degreed audiologists with 20+ years of experience who are nationally certified and licensed.

We offer a wide range of hearing aid styles and models including the latest in digital technology and open fittings. Information regarding assistive listening devices is also available.

We believe that counseling and follow up care are crucial to a successful hearing aid fitting. Our patients can be assured that we will take time to discuss their hearing concerns and answer any questions they may have. Our recommendations will be based on the results of the hearing evaluation as well as the patients description of their personal auditory needs and desires. Follow up services will be provided in an efficient and timely manner including help in the use and care of the aids, hearing aid check ups, cleanings, adjustments, and repairs.


 Lori Lipp at the Auburn Office  513-632-5260Lori Lipp at the Auburn office 513-632-5260, 

Elizabeth Porter at the Anderson office  513-232-3277Elizabeth Porter at the Anderson office 513-232-3277,

Carolyn Alto at the Kenwood Office 513-792-0000 Carolyn Alto at the Kenwood office at 513-792-0000.



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